Peter Macklin – Master Fitness Trainer


A qualified Personal Trainer and a Master Trainer from the Australian Institute of Fitness, Peter has long been a keen fitness and martial arts trainer and trainee. With nearly 30 years martial arts experience and over 25 years fitness trainer experience he has trained people from young adults preparing for events or entry into the Australian Defence Force right up to older clients in retirement keen to be able to remain fit enough to stay at home and out of retirement centres for as long as possible.

Peter is a Warrior Against SEDS (Sedentary Death Syndrome) and hopes that he can encourage as many people as possible to take up healthy activity to reduce preventable disease and the financial strain on our nation from these diseases.



Jenny Macklin – Registered Nurse and admin


As a Registered Nurse, Jenny has seen the results both of active and sedentary lives. She enjoys her work, but is often saddened how many Australians have chosen to eat poor quality, expensive foods instead of quality, cheaper foods and that so many choose to live lives of reduced activity when being active is so enjoyable and has so many health benefits. She is often amazed at the agility and strength of elderly patients, they all attribute their health and well-being to eating well and staying active for as long as possible.