Providing quality customised training solutions for client’s fitness needs. Experienced in total fitness training of clients in various locations and environments since 1988. Martial arts training and instructing experience since 1986.


Results in Just 60 Minutes a Week

As a Personal Trainer I focus on the right exercises that will get you the right results. Every workout is customised to your goals, giving you more results from less time. Even two sessions of just 30 minutes a week will get you great results fast.


Wherever You Want To Train

Training areas are flexible and can be either:
• A beach
• Public park
• Fitness Centre/Gym
• Your home/backyard
• Your athletics ground (eg football/cricket ground, boxing studio, etc).


Types Of Training Include

• Public area fitness classes or bootcamps
• Classes for group fitness in or out of the gym environment
• Backyard fitness classes or bootcamps for individuals/groups/families
• Specialising in personalised programs and advice to suit your individual needs and goals.


Program Types Offered Include

• Fat loss
• Muscle gain
• Strength gain
• Flexibility training
• Athletic event preparation
• Preparation for Defence Force, Police or other service entrance testing
• General self-defence (I do not teach the use of weapons other than your own body)


Advice And Tips

What I don’t do is provide eating plans, detailed nutrition advice, diagnose conditions or take you shopping. What I do is provide advice and techniques for:
• Recovery
• Postural analysis
• Help you understand food labels
• Talk with you about with flexibility
• Growing or losing muscle and fat mass
• Eating tips & where to find information
• Personal goal-setting for fitness and health
• For anything further I will offer a referral to a suitable Allied Health Professional.


Whenever You Want To Train

Because I am mobile I come to you, wherever you want to train in the Bundaberg Area. I’m available from early in the morning (4:00am if you’re keen!) until late at night, so now there’s no excuse not to get started with your new exercise routine.


Complete Privacy

If you hate the thought of a crowded gym or are uncomfortable at the prospect of working out in a public place, I give you 100% privacy in your own home. With no signage on my vehicle, no one will know when you’re working out, unless you want them to.


All the Gear You’ll Need

I bring everything you’ll need for your workout, so you don’t have to worry about equipment, unless you have something of your own you want to use.


Flexibility Is Key

Expect each session to be different, stimulating and fun. You’ll enjoy getting the most out of each session and you’ll have loads of variety.


Pre-Exercise Screening

You will receive a complimentary full one-hour screening analysis prior to any exercise including:
• Pre-Exercise Screen
• Personal Profile
• Postural Analysis
• Eating Analysis
• Training And Exercise Concepts